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At the beginning of creation, the three Moons: Beram, Euciram, and Lunea stood high in the sky above the world. Good, evil, and neutrality were above the world and apart from it. The gods of good were unhappy with creation and desired images of goodness like themselves to walk the land so that they may have fellowship with them and share with them knowledge of all things good. With this in his heart, Bahamut, with Avandra’s encouragement, flung the pure bright moon Beram into the world where it split the lands making oceans and continents. From the fissures the moon made in the ocean floor came the dragons who wanting to be closer to Bahamut eventually left the sea and took to the sky to be nearer to him.

The evil gods were angered at the good gods’ arrogance at creating creatures as of a likeness to themselves. And in their anger the flung the swirling dark moon Euciram so hard into the world that it created cracks down to the heart of the world. From these cracks spewed forth creatures of evil and liquid flame creating a hellish mountain range ever growing.

The impact of the divine orbs colliding with the world covered the land with its essence and imbued the world with magic. Both dragon and demon soon discovered the potency of this gift given to them unwittingly by the gods. Naturally contrary to each other the demons and the dragons fought. Some dragons were corrupted by darkness and some demons began to walk in the light. Nonetheless good and evil fought until the gods of neutrality threatened to hurl down Lunea with such force that both would be destroyed. At this what was left of the dragons and demons crept back into their secret spaces slept. The servants of dragon and demon remained. Demonspawn and dragonborn walked the earth together under the light of Lunea and looked at what violence had done to their world.

The demons and the dragons warred for less than a year but ferocity of the battle shook all of creation until nothing was left without cracks in it. From the cracks in the lands came different creatures of all shapes and sizes, blinking and rubbing their eyes for seeing the light for but the first time. From the stones in the great mountains came the dwarves. From the trees in the expansive forests came the elves. Many other diverse creatures came forth from the land and sought to heal its wounds. However, some creatures upon seeing the destruction wrought by good and evil wanted nothing to do with either and so retreated back into elements from which they came becoming of their nature.

Main Page

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