The Blue Light and the Goblin Village

The two dragonborn leave the Homely Inn and wander around town looking for Bran. They find the human at The Wet Annie and Aero drags him away in disgust to complete his job. The party returns to the cave and investigates the source of the blue light. They see swirling blue energy that takes the form of small humanoid figure which attacks them. Khain quickly gives a prayer to Bahamut and smites the apparition with divine energy. The figure is quickly defeated and the blue light condenses further into the form of a beautiful blue glowing gem.

Khain goes to pick up the gem and his head is filled with countless voices wailing in fear and confusion in a language he does not recognize. He throws the gem away from himself and it is picked up by Bran. He doesn’t seem especially concerned with a few additional voices in his head. At this the party notices that the room they are in begins to slowly fill up with water. Bran runs to the door to find that it is locked. The dragonborn search the room for other exits. Bran gives the gem to Khain and quickly picks the lock hearing a click only to see 3 more locks magically illuminate on the door. He picks each of them and the door opens into the waterway. The party runs down the waterway to encounter two more magical doors which Bran opens in a skillful (if not timely) manner. By the time the last door is opened, the dragonborn are up to their chests in water and only Bran’s head can be seen. The ascend through the hole in the ceiling using the rope they had tied there.

The returns to the cave entrance to find the goblin standing up straight, clad in a grey mantle, his wounds gone. Bran immediately collapses to the ground and starts snoring silently and Aero finds herself unable to move. The goblin asks for Khain to return to him the gem. The goblin explains that the gem is a soulstone which houses the spirits of generations of his people. He exclaims that this provides the magic which protects the forest where his village dwells. Khain ponders this and decides to return the gem to the nameless goblin. The goblin walks to where his brothers lay buried and their spirits rise from the ground and commune with him in a foreign language and then disappear into the stone, causing it to shine a tiny bit brighter. The goblin explains that his brothers forgive the party for slaying them and thanks them for finding the gem and purifying the terrified spirits within. The goblin offers to take the party to his village and they accept.

Aero, Khain, and Bran return to Lord Roland for their reward. Lord Roland pays them a healthy sum and tells them that his halls are always open to them. Bran decides he wants to accompany the party further, seeing that their travels might bring him adventure and a decent livelihood. The party meets the nameless goblin on the outskirts of town and he takes them east and then north to his village. Khain and Aero speak with the elders of the village and receive thanks and letters of commendation that will grant them access to the hidden gnomish village and the hidden elvish village that they are in league with. The party then decides to stay with the goblins a little while until they decide to leave.



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