The Beginnings

Lord Roland has sent a request to the Temple of Bahamut asking for them to investigate the corruption of their water supply. Strange things have been happening in the town of Rushwater: people waking up screaming from horrible nightmares, people possessed by strange voices, visions of darkness seen only be the children. The Temple sends one of their order, Khain, and a traveling Paladin, Aero Miri, to investigate and, if possible, find a solution to the Lord Roland’s problems.

Khain and Aero enlist the aid of a dark man by the name of Bran Oakenflake (for a price of course). With his help, the two dragonborn, find the entrance to the cave which houses the beginnings of the waters that feed the river. Directly inside the cave they find two goblins playing cards. They engage the goblins and a third one appears out of the corner and also engages in the battle. The party kills two of the goblins and brutally injures the third. After interrogating the goblin, they find that the goblins were not at all hostile and were only themselves investigating the corruption of the river. The party tends to the goblin’s wounds and sets him back in bed and then continue further into the cave. They find a cramped room with a tunnel leading down into the ground. Inside the tunnel they hear the sound of small figures splashing in water. After lowering the rogue down by rope to investigate, swarms of rats start climbing up to nibble at his face. The paladin hastily pulls the rogue up and Khain breathes a wave of fire down the tunnel. The party then lowers themselves down the hole and find themselves in a waterway filled with the bodies of rats, some of which are still alive. After a long battle, the party returns to the entrance of the cave and gets some rest before investigating the glowing blue light at the end of the waterway.



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