Gnomes and Kobolds

The goblin chieftain points the party in the direction of the pub, telling them that there they can find a guide who will take them to the gnomish village. In the pub they find sitting on the floor a slender bearded fellow sitting surrounded by small mugs that once contained goblin ale. The ranger introduces himself as Hannibal and tells him that the goblins have asked him to take the party to the gnomes. The party agrees to this and they set out through the woods. After several days, the party comes to the foot of the mountains. As they climb the trail the trees get sparser until eventually there are only grasses and high altitude shrubbery.

One night the party is attacked by a pack of wolves. The wolves are defeated after a short battle and the party continues underway until they come to a wall fortified by gnomes straddling what looks like giant mounted crossbows. The gnomes point their weapons at the party and the party asks for entrance. Upon showing them their letters received at the goblin village the gnomes lower down a ladder and the party ascends to the wall ramparts. They find that the wall surrounds an entire village situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. 8 sizable buildings surround one exceptionally large building. The party ask a gnome what’s going on and learn that kobolds have been attacking the area. The party looks around town and finds some handy items for purchase. Of note especially is the amulet that Areo Miri purchases, certain that it had at one time belonged to her master. The party goes to the Research and Development Building where they meet the chief scientists (knowledge workers!) of the village and are asked to rid the mines of the kobolds and to investigate the disappearance of several gnomes. For these deeds the party is promised rewards in their choice of the magical items the village develops. The gnome chief points the party in the direction of Als Alcohol for further assistance. Before leaving the building the party notices stairs going up an additional level. The rogue is sent to investigate but he sees sights that are awesome and terrible beyond his comprehension. The party realizes that they lack the knowledge in arcana to understand what the rogue saw and head over to the pub. Before going to Al’s, Bran steps into a shop where he is offered a lesser bag of holding in exchange for filling it up with mushrooms from the mine. There they find a dark man telling stories of his adventures to enraptured gnomes. Occasionally he waves his hand through the air where his descriptions ripple in and out of existence. He introduces himself as Valefor Messeneph. He confirms with the party there mission and then takes them to the entrance of the mine. Aero and Khain call out to the guards in the cave and use their Dragonborn heritage to gain an audience with the Kobold captain. Khain goes with the Kobold captain into his private chamber and learns the specifics of the situation.

The Kobold captain had risen in power on the grounds that the gnomes had not been coexisting peacefully with the kobolds. He argued that even though they shared the same mountain, the gnomes had taken the best of the resources for themselves and left the kobolds to fend for themselves in their poverty. The captain said that they began by invading the mines and taking the workers as prisoners. With these hostages they had managed to raid the gnomish village unhindered. Khain prosposes a treaty that would be beneficial to both races. The captain relents to the dragonborn cleric and escorts him back to his party. Aero then joins them and they go the release the prisoners. Before they get there, the wall explodes and nude gnomes are seen highfiving one another. There happiness disappears at the sight of the kobolds watching them. The kobold guards to forward to detain the gnomes but Khain breathes fire between them and asserts that there can be a peaceful solution to their situation. The kobold captain goes back to the Research and Development Building with Khain and Aero while Bran and Valefor find mushrooms in the mines. Khain successfully negotiates and agreement where the kobolds work the mines and trade raw materials for goods in the city. When Bran returns and drops off his mushrooms at the store, he is then given a Bag of Holding and then he and Valefor regroup with Khain and Aero at the Research and Devlopment building. Once there, they are all then rewarded with their choice of magical items.



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